Digital Transformation

We help you digitally transform your operations, providing you with 360° digital confidence and capability to adapt your enterprise for innovation. We develop and build competitive business models based on relevant digital technologies.

We design and deliver websites and mobile applications; ranging from complex online portals and e-commerce stores, to simplistic informational websites that act as a sales tool. We know how to translate your business requirements into technical specifications and develop fully functional and appealing web applications.

All our services can be hosted on our dedicated servers to ensure secure hosting and fast performance, so there’s no extra resource required from you.

We Develop

Informative Websites
Landing Pages
Mobile Applications
Custom Software
Online Booking

Our Proven Methodology

We manage web design and development from conception through to completion through a precise process.

Needs Assessment


We set the goals to achieve before our developers even take to their screens – ensuring we’re all on the same page when it comes to features, functionality and favourable outcomes.

Information Architecture


Establishing the information architecture is paramount in constructing a robust web development framework, laying the groundwork for an exceptional User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI).

Content Development


We seamlessly integrate various content types – whether it’s text, imagery, video or widgets – ensuring a cohesive and optimized presentation that aligns with your brand identity.



Wireframes are drawn up to illustrate the components and user flow, and from this plan, overarching designs can be conceived.

Designs Created


It’s time to get branded! Our visual design team create an easily recognisable and eye-catching web app that invites users in and drives them to carry out desired online actions.

Web Development


Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, the skilled developers at Hats ON meticulously craft websites, E-commerce platforms and diverse web applications. Employing user-friendly Content Management Systems (CMS), our solutions facilitate seamless updates, affording your in-house experts the flexibility to manage content effortlessly.



There’s no going in blind here: we test every aspect of the development vigorously before anything goes live and tweak every detail to get it all just right.

Going live


This is the big day we have been working so hard for. Our team ensure it goes smoothly and apply all required procedures.



We systematically monitor live websites, E-commerce platforms, or any web applications we deploy, ensuring optimal functionality. Through ongoing adjustments and optimisations, we guarantee that the delivered projects align with marketing and sales objectives. This involves a meticulous analysis of analytics and other integrated tools.


    We have a passion for helping clients communicate their unique Vision
    Clear Filters

    Marketing Consulting

    Strategy & Planning | Advertising Campaigns | Monitoring & Reporting
    Our expert team put on their thinking caps to strategise the best possible marketing campaigns to promote your business and maximise the bottom line.


    Concepts | Creative Copywriting | Brand Identity | Brand Guidelines
    Hats On makes your business instantly recognisable and forever memorable with a cohesive, clear and consistent branding approach across all marketing and communication channels.

    Digital Advertising

    Google Ads | Social Ads | Video Ads | Design | SEO | Analytics
    We make your brand instantly recognisable and forever memorable with cohesive, clear and consistent advertising across all digital media.

    Digital Transformation

    Websites | eCommerce | Applications | System Integrations | CRM
    Web development extends beyond mere product pages. We meticulously curate engaging UX to captivate both potential and existing customers, upgrading your digital presence.

    Social Media

    Content Creation | Content Planning | Social Ads | Influencing | Reporting
    We build instantly recognisable, memorable brands that spark inspiration and aspiration to all that see them.


    Concepts | Branding | Illustrations | Graphic Design | Web Design
    We build instantly recognisable, memorable brands that spark inspiration and aspiration to all that see them.

    Original Content

    Studio & Production | Video Editing | Animation | VR/AR/360 Photography
    We build instantly recognisable, memorable brands that spark inspiration and aspiration to all that see them.