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Magic Step
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About the client

Welcome to Magic Step, your number one destination for high-quality fashion delivered in style. Magic Step has come a long way since its inception, but the boutique’s standards of quality are just as uncompromising as when the brand was founded. Dedicated to giving you the very best of fashion items with clothing and accessories sourced carefully, Magic Step focuses on empowering designs, uncompromising style, and fine materials.



Over the years, Magic Step has built a robust brand identity that differentiates the brand from any other. Although Magic Step is a long-established boutique people can trust, its spirited and high-powered approach to fashion is what makes the brand unique to the consumer’s eyes.
With attention to every detail, we put Magic Step’s brand image into words, and then words into images.

A soft and earthy colour palette, elegant typography, and soft hues were the right mix to evoke a comforting sense of luxury with timeless style. The fonts are all about elegance, femininity, class, and softness, while the colour palette evokes feelings of warmth, reassurance, and comfort. As the seasons change over time, the palette respectively adapts and evolves to welcome new consumer trends, but always in line with the brand guidelines. The luxurious element was communicated via the expensive materials used in the design approach – such as leather, mahogany, and whiskey – which are associated with finer things in life and give a comforting impression to the viewer.

Colors, fonts, hues, and defining details all had to come together to bring Magic Step’s personality to life. And they did!

High quality fashion delivered in style!

Typography & Color Palette

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